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Your builders were endlessly helpful, co-operative and good natured. We were very impressed with their efficiency and keeping to the timescale agreed. Thank you.

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Welcome to Accreditus - The Register for Approved Tradesmen

Established in 1995, The Accreditus Register is a unique vetting and continual monitoring system for Tradesmen. Developed through 8 years of intensive research, The Accreditus Register is still the Benchmark Organisation for Vetted Tradesmen in the UK.

Unlike other Organisations, we check the Traders out thoroughly and send survey questionnaires directly to every person they quote for work – not just the completed jobs. The Trader can’t choose only the good ones for us to talk to.

All the surveys are combined into a Rating Certificate on the Trader. Only Traders who maintain the highest levels of Customer satisfaction are accepted onto our Register.